September 1, 2017

We're unbelievably excited to have our building permit in hand after a short 8 months and 8 days, not that anyone is counting. The building permit dropped and shortly thereafter so did some walls. After dressing the outside with a few coats of paint (making sure she doesn't get cold for the renown Revelstoke winters of course) we have moved inside. Taking down a bulletin board or ten and a few stray chalkboards means that the inside is looking a lot less like a school and is getting that much closer to bringing you high quality spirits. 

Our goal is to have you sipping on fantastic vodka by the end of this year.


A few other bits and pieces.

Our building will be hosting Revelstoke's newest distillery, but we had a little extra space so we didn't stop there. Here are a few other businesses that you can find in our historic old school:

  • Top Floor Top View Office Space

    • For start up businesses looking for a place to call home. Ready to open this fall, 2017. Are you looking for a space? Email us here with inquires.

  • Many More

    • We've got a few things up our sleeve, but are not able to roll them out yet. We promise we will be telling you soon!





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