The Tasting Room

The Canadian Gin Guild hosts all tastings and events.  Please click here to find out more. 

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The Distillery


Jones Distilling is Revelstoke's distillery sitting in the heart of the town just minutes away from world-class ski resort, mountain biking and hiking.  With inspiring views from every window, inspiration is never far away. We produce internationally award-winning vodka, gin and alcoholic cordials.

We started with our vodka and from there launched our first Gin, No 1, which is a London dry style gin before producing Sweet Spot, an alcoholic cordial.  Most recently, we launched our unique bathtub gins, with their vibrant colours, amazing flavours which are a favourite amongst gin and non-gin fans alike. 

The Story Behind Jones
'A long time ago in a pub far away...'
The full story and where the dream to create Jones Distilling first emerged.
Find it here 

The Building

1914 was the year the Mountain View School was built. With massive pillars, brick throughout the building, and a welcoming staircase. Children running around learning how to find their way in the world.
                               FAST FORWARD 100 YEARS
This old school sat vacant, waiting for inspiration. It caught our eyes, and then quickly captured our hearts as we started to peel back its layers. Restoring the building and bringing in a little bit of innovation, it's starting to feel like a monumental piece of Revelstoke again. 

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