November 30, 2016


 Hi Friends, 

We hope that you are enjoying the Fall and that you have been as excited as we have to see the snow line dropping.  Since we last spoke we have been working with the City of Revelstoke to implement the Heritage Revitalisation Agreement (HRA).




Mountain View School  

We are still on track to move into Mountain View School.  Due to the complicated nature of the HRA the submission did not go forward to Council as planned on October 11 and instead was discussed October 25.  This means that the Public Hearing has been delayed by a couple of weeks.  I can confirm however that the City of Revelstoke Council voted unanimously on October 25 in favour of the HRA which is fantastic news.  Moreover, the City is trying to implement a special meeting to ensure we get back on track.  Their support has been brilliant throughout this process.  

In the meantime we are speaking to the architects, engineers and a variety of specialists to ensure we hit the ground running.  


All the best,



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