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Stoke & Secco Pack
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Stoke & Secco Pack

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Stoke & Secco Pack comes with:
-x1 700ml Revelstoke Premium Gin No. 1 
-x4 Barker & Quin Indian Tonic Water 
-x4 Secco Drink Infusions Packets
(Ginger Lime, Raspberry Rose Hibiscus, Pepper Berry, Spiced Pomegranate)
-branded coasters and stickers

Secco allows you to infuse and garnish your drink in the comfort of your own home – all-year-round with seasonal ingredients. 

The botanicals, spices and fruit combined in each Secco sachet provide a flavour experience that elevates any spirit, cocktail, mocktail, mixer and even spritzer. There is zero wastage, zero prep time and no utensils needed. Your perfect drink is simply a sachet away.

Pair any flavour of Secco with international award winning Revelstoke Premium Gin No. 1 and Barker & Quin Finest Indian Tonic Water. 
Ski, Sip, Savour, Repeat™ 

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