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Whatever your taste, we have the recipe. Sweet, spicy, tart, aromatic; here’s a few ways to make the most of your Jones Distilling products. Make them for customers, friends, or just a couple for yourself.

Jones Distilling - Hibiscus Sour Gin Cocktail



1oz Revelstoke Premium Gin No. 1

1 tablespoon blackberry jam

1oz lemon juice (fresh, squeezed)

Top with soda Add gin, blackberry jam, lemon juice into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into glass with fresh ice and top with soda. Garnish with lemon wedge, sprig of lavender and 2 fresh blackberries.



1.5oz Mr Jones Vodka

3oz real apple cider

Splash of ginger beer

Shake of ground nutmeg

Garnish with cinnamon stick

Add all ingredients into a glass with ice, garnish with cinnamon sticks.

Jones Distilling - Honey Crisp Gin Cocktail
Jones Distilling - Spiked Chai Latte Vodka Cocktail



1oz Mr. Jones Premium Vodka

1oz Kahlua

1oz espresso

Add all ingredients into shaker filled with ice - shake for 10 seconds or more for froth Strain into martini glass. Top with 2-3 raw coffee beans or use Mr. Jones martini imprinter with cocoa.



2oz Mr. Jones Premium Vodka

1oz Hibiscus Syrup

2oz lemonade

Squeeze of fresh lemon

Top with soda

Garnish with lemon wheel

*hibiscussyrup: 10oz water + 15g sugar and 15g dried hibiscus flowers

Add all ingredients into shaker with ice, strain into glass with fresh ice and garnish with lemon wheel.

Jones Distilling - Vodka Blackberry Cocktail
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