finest indian tonic.
raspberry tonic
honeybush orange tonic
light at heart tonic
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Barker and Quin 4pk Tonic

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Finest Indian Tonic
A premium tonic water made from select natural ingredients, including quinine, mixed together with mountain spring water to form the perfect tonic water.

Light at Heart Tonic
Keeping with the Barker & Quin tradition and quality, “Light at Heart” is an all-natural product. It's low in sugar and calories, and mixed with mountain spring water. Enjoy a guilt-free refreshment that will keep you light at heart for every festive occasion.

Hibiscus Tonic
This floral infused tonic is made with natural Hibiscus, Honeybush and real Quinine. This flavour arrangement compliments the Revelstoke Gin Series, but is also delicious as a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage.

Honeybush Orange Tonic
A heritage flavour from South Africa is the key ingredient that carries the citrus notes of this tonic water. This new addition to the Barker & Quin repertoire will amplify the character in any gin and bring a fullness that is delectably refreshing.

Marula Tonic
Marula is an African fruit, in its pure form is quite tart, almost like ripe pears and passion fruit, with flavors that are quite similar and very tangy. This tonic is made with natural marula flavour and mountain spring water.

Sparkling Raspberry
Fresh and fruity the Sparkling Raspberry is sweet, tart, and bubbly. Pairs perfectly with Mr. Jones Premium Vodka.

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