What's a Pre Sale?

Each pre sale is a chance to buy our small batch spirits before they are even bottled or released on the shelf. This means you can purchase the very first edition/ batch of our premium, hand-crafted spirits, well before the rest of the public. When you buy during a pre sale you are putting your confidence in us to produce the very best product possible, and helping our local business grow!

Will the color of the gin fade over time?

Yes. The distinct flavour and colour of our gin comes from the infusion of real fruit. No artificial colours or stabilizers are used in its creation — so while the flavour will last forever, its unique color will not. Fading of the natural colour is accelerated by exposure to sunlight. We recommend that you experience each bottle within a year of purchase and store in a cool, dark place. A gin this beautiful is meant to be enjoyed at its best.

When can I order your products?

A pre sale of our first edition Vodka is happening right now!
To find out what's coming next (hint: it starts with a 'W' and ends in "hisky") follow us on Facebook.

When will I receive my order?

We are waiting for the current occupants to move into their new place which is being built.  Therefore vodka orders will be shipping in late autumn 2016 - you will receive an email update regularly about progress.

Do you ship overseas?

We endeavor to distribute our spirits anywhere they are desired. Currently we have options to ship within Canada, to the USA, UK and Australia. Should you wish to order more than one bottle to be delivered overseas, please see our Shipping page.

If you have a question that is not answered above, or specific questions about your order, please contact us.



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