We can (almost) taste it! 

Moving our mash tank and still in to place was no easy feat.  First the floor was reinforced, then the cement base was poured and the drain was set up, which meant we were ready to move the equipment. But they are heavy, and I mean really really heavy. So with a few head scratches and a lot of ideas thrown about, we finally managed to move the equipment. It took a carpenter, plumber, manager, owner, operator, a few labourers, and a lot of ingenuity to get these bad boys upright and in to place!  


Ready... Set... Go?

And once your toys are fully built, it must be time to play, right? Not quite, but we're very close and trust us we're just as excited as you are. Just waiting on a few bits and pieces here and there then it's time to roll out with our secret recipes. We're starting with our bc vodka, and quickly adding botanicals to the mix to bring you a fantastic gin. And soon after whisky, so stay tuned!  

What's with all the dirt outside?
We're moving waterlines and electrical lines, ensuring that we have the fastest and highest capabilities for our distillery and building. Keep your eye out, because we'll be getting fencing, and a few more parking stalls in the next few days. But with winter fast approaching, we have decided to wait until spring rolls around to add a little more green space.


Opening soon...

We can't release the date yet, but we know you're thirsty. Keep checking our Facebook, Instagram, and Website for updates.





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