BIG NEWS: Hitting the Sweet Spot


If you already follow us on Instagram and Facebook (which you absolutely should), you may know that we’ve released something very special. Part of the Revelstoke Collection, which also includes the award-winning Go Big or Go Gnome, Sweet Spot is the latest spirit to come out of the creative mind of our head distiller here at Jones. We really could not be more pleased about how this turned out and excited to share it with you all.  

The Revelstoke Collection is something completely new to Canada. We had to work closely with the BC Liquor Distribution Branch to be able to create a new product since it didn’t fall into any other category of spirit.

Best served with tonic, Sweet Spot (the summer release of the collection) is an alcoholic botanical cordial made with a combination of local fruits and international botanics. Sweet Spot is available to purchase in the tasting room or on our website.

The perfect drink to kick back and relax with in the sunshine, we hope it’s your new summer obsession!

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