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It was the early 1970’s in London, a very different world to today. The internet was not even a twinkle in Tim Berners-Lee’s imagination. The Pontiac firebird had only been around for three years. Northern Ireland was at its peak. The Vietnam war was still raging. Meanwhile the people were wearing polyester and generating enough static electricity to power the national grid. Platform shoes were projecting people upwards to new heights, and flared pants were larger than a four person family tent.

Meanwhile, sat in a pub in London were two friends, one a policeman, the other a veteran who went into nursing. The policeman mentioned that he had been on a drugs raid recently and had confiscated an illegal distillery. The idea that the drinks in their hands could be made by their very hands was hatched and so a business was born. After a few too many more, or perhaps just the right amount, the plan was made to ‘liberate’ the distillery from the evidence locker and recommission it. After all it would be a shame to destroy something which single purpose was to make people happy.

The distillery was then established in the home of the nurse and the alchemy began. Reportedly some amazing products were produced. But things were cut short as the nurses wife called an end to the operation. Rumour has it that it was because people’s eye were turning yellow…

So things were forgotten, the facts blurred over time, and it became a family story passed on. It was told to the children and taken more than just lightly by ambition was born.

Unfortunately life, careers and family have a habit of getting in the way of childhood dreams. Dreams get blended and mutate over time. But the distillery was always a constant. Time spent in Scotland visiting various distilleries, reading the science, attending a Master Distiller course and, finally, a move to Revelstoke, B.C. presented an opportunity too good to miss. In January 2016 City council approval was sought and the opportunity to live out his fathers dream commenced. Fate struck as the Mountain View School was placed for disposal.  Now in this historic building so filled with rich history, Jones Distilling has opened its doors.  The aspiration is that it will continue to feature a prominent place where friends, family, and strangers can meet, tell stories of the past, talk about the future yet to come, and enjoy a wee dram or two. 

All the best,


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